Who should consider Dental Crowns?

  • People with a broken or severely worn down tooth
  • People who have undergone a root canal procedure
  • People whose tooth has been severely weakened by decay
  • People with a severely discolored or mishapen tooth

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Dental Crown Problems

As the anesthetic begins to wear off, you may experience some sensitivity around the treated area. Brushing your teeth with a fluoride toothpaste such as Sensodyne may help ease this minor discomfort. 

If you experience sensitivity when biting down, this may indicate that the dental crown is sitting too high on the tooth and can be easily fixed by Our Team Of Dentists at Peel Dental Care

Sometimes tooth crowns made of porcelain develop chips. Usually the chip can be easily repaired with composite resin. However if the chip is severe, the crown may require replacing.

If your crown feels loose, contact Our Team Of Dentists at Peel Dental Care to have your dental crown re-cemented. Sometimes the dental cement washes out from under the crown. This is an easy fix. However, you don't want to allow bacteria to leak under the restoration and cause decay. 

Our Team Of Dentists, your Brampton dentist, at Peel Dental Care has the necessary experience in dental crown dentistry to ensure your smile remains strong and healthy for a lifetime. We know our Brampton patients have many years worth of smiles ahead and so we want to ensure you are ready to enjoy every occasion life has to offer. Smile more! Smile bigger with Our Team Of Dentists at Peel Dental Care!

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