Dental Financing Brampton, Monthly Payment

Dental Financing Brampton

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Dental Financing

Peel Dental Care offers Special Financing:

  • low monthly payment options
  • no up-front costs
  • no-prepayment penalties

Now you can show off those pearly whites with your Budget.We are proud to offer dental financing to make the smile of your dreams more affordable.

Insurance Does Not Cover All Services

Depending on your individual dental insurance coverage, not all dentistry procedures may be covered. Cosmetic dentistry procedures are usually not covered by dental insurance. Not to worry, Peel Dental Care can help you get the healthy, radiant smile you've always wanted with low monthly payment options.
If Our Team Of Dentists recommends a procedure your wallet is not quite ready for, or if you are interested in cosmetic dentistry to further enhance your smile, our dental financing is a great option for you. With our in-house dental financing you don't have to limit your dentistry options based on your insurance coverage. 
ClinicBrampton will work one on one with you to determine a dental financing plan suitable to your lifestyle and expenses. No confusion and no surprises. Set a plan that is right for you and get the smile you've always wanted at an affordable cost that's right for you.
Call (905) 791-4000 and smile bigger and brighter today!

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